Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I have an apartment... :D

... and I've completely updated my portfolio from doing so so many shoots last month. :)

Anyway, my boyfriend and I moved into an adorable little apartment in downtown Baton Rouge. It's lovely! I can even bike ride to work, it's only 10 minutes away on bike... 3 min driving. Haha. It's much better than a 30 minute drive, right?

Anyway, I completely updated my portfolio.. and I really enjoy my work now. Of course, as an artist, I see many things wrong with it, but overall I still really like my work.. unlike before when I could only look at my work and not be able to see past the flaws. I'm definitely taking my work more in the direction I want to be in now... fashion! :) It's really great too. I have so many models on MM messaging me asking for shoots... so many of them have great ports too. Unfortunately, it's too expensive for me to be able to shoot with everyone I want, so I'm currently on a little break. I'm still shooting, just not as often as I was. I'm also going to be doing a shoot with a Ford model soon(!!!!) her name is Bay Berger. She's 15, and the most adorable thing ever. Haha. I can't wait.. the shoot idea I have for her I think will be really great, too! I won't give any details yet, though. :3

Anyway, here's some of my new stuff.

Model: Nettie R Harris/MUA: Lauren Kattan

Model: NOLAJaime/MUA: Get_Made

Model: Stacie Noble (came all the way from Texas!)/ MUA: Allyson Bryce

Model: Teri Wyble/ MUA: Lauren Kattan

Model: Jessica Adams/MUA: Lauren Kattan

Model: Jen Leblanc/MUA: Lauren Kattan

Had to add one more for Jen, because she's so awesome and expressive! :D

I'm quite happy with these, and I've met so many wonderful people. :) I <3 Photograph.. haha :D

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rain... go away! :<

Well, I had a photoshoot with a MUA artist the other day. She needed pictures for her portfolio and had me and Steve Lindsay Project (google, if interested) as the photographers. Well, it ended up raining, so we were confined to the stairs and wasn't able to do much, but I think I got some pretty decent photos for the situation. I'm still not done editing, but I will be soon.


All the models were pretty good, and very nice! :) The main one I'd like to work with again is the girl in the yellow dress. I didn't get everyone's names which is why I can't credit them in this post. But she was so pretty and took direction very well! Also, the cute, little blonde girl owns a clothing boutique down Perkins Rowe named Maude. She said she'd love to collaborate on future photoshoots for the clothing... awesome! :D

At the end of the shoot, Stephanie gave us some make up as a thank you. Isn't that lovely? :D I wasn't really expecting to get anything. haha.

Anyways, my last final is today, wish me luck! :)

Oh, I also saw Star Trek today. Awesome movie! Go see it. :D

Friday, May 1, 2009

I broke my lens! :[

Hey there! It's been awhile. I don't really update much, because I don't have anything to say. And I know no one reads these anyway. Hahah.

Yesterday was my birthday, though. I'm 19, yay! I went to the Aquarium in New Orleans then just hung out. I also tried to do some graffiti, which I'll post here later. Anyone know of any nondrip spray paint? My whole piece looked like it was crying! Show me some of your graffiti, if you have any!

But yeah, on to the title. I broke my lens the other day while I was taking senior pictures. When she was changing outfits, I FOR SOME REASON took the strap off my neck and set my camera in my lap. When she was done, I stood up, my camera and lens fell off my lap, breaking the lens. *cry* And of course, It'd be the worse timing, during a shoot I'm being paid for AND I had a client shoot this weekend for pre-bridals. Luckily, this incredibly amazing person (M. Prophet) who lives about 40 minutes from my house let me borrow his 50mm lens and also another lens just to try out! Isn't that the NICEST thing ever? This is before I ever even met him too.. he also explain a TON of stuff about lens and cameras that I didn't know.. so now I have a tiny bit better understanding of the technical side of photography. Haha.

Also, I should have another creative shoot coming up with M. Prophet's gaaaw-jus girlfriend/model/photographer, Jen . They're two of the coolest nicest people ever. Haha. Lauren (my MUA) wants to do our shoot with Jen this Tuesday. It'll be awesome! I can't wait. :D SO VURY EXCITED

I might go to Time Warp (vintage clothing store) and see if they can supply the clothing, but I'm not sure. I don't want to go alone. ;-; Hahah. I have an awesome idea for the hair. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

pursunal blog tyme

It's 7 AM, I woke up late and I'm skipping my biology class. I'm really tired and I've made it into over time this week. I'll be at about 46ish hours by the end of the pay period for this week. I'm pretty much exhausted.

Pokemon is on TV, why doesn't Disney play anything good this early? :( *changes to MTV* music videos... guess I'll leave it here.

I want a home cooked meal. :( I haven't eaten anything yummy in a long time. I've been living off crap at PJ's and cereal. Last night I hung out with Kelsey and we ate pizza rolls that were incredibly hard, because she cooked them too long. She's a genius, lol. :) I miss hanging out with my Kelso. <3 Sam and Joe were going to come over but Kelsey's dad said no boys.. cuz you know, we are 12 and everything. hahah I thought it was funny still. I want to see Sam and Jared.. I haven't seen them in a long time. And I want to get their opinion on something...

I miss Friday nights at Jack's and leaving at 2AM to go eat Waffle House while Jared acts retarded because he's really drunk. I miss doing stuff. ;____________;


I don't really know what I was going for in this post. I can't write how I'm feeling....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

DigitalSLR Magazine

Well, good news! DSLRMagazine chose me for editors choice on their website! Wooh! They also e-mailed me and told me they'd like to include my picture in their magazine. I'm excited!

Here's my "mug shot" for them:
The Photographer

and my shot that was chosen:

This will be the first time I've been published! ^o^

Saturday, March 14, 2009

So... I'm bored!

I'm at work with NOTHING to do. It so slow, and I'm alone.. and it's raining, and I'm cold, and lets add some more ands to this sentence!

Had two midterms, I'm dropping my Biology one think I did well on my American History one. That's about it. :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teri Photoshoot

Sooo, my photoshoot with Teri was amazing! :D She's so good in front of the camera, it's ridiculous. Haha. But really, she has so many poses and looks, it's great. :) And she's so happy and has such a great personality! I can't wait to work with her again. :)

Here are some of the pictures.. i still have a ton to edit:


Also, open auditions for ANTM was yesterday in shreveport, and we wanted her to go for it. One of the things you need is a swimsuit shot, but it was last minute and we didn't have any swimsuits. Luckily, she's a dancer and brought a leotard, which we used as a swim suit. It came out alright, but I think it would've been a lot better with an actual swimsuit. lol


And while taking those pictures a little girl was watch, and when we were done she went talk to Teri and asked if she was a model. I didn't get the girls name, but I took a few pictures of her, which I'll edit soon a put up. She was adorable, she wants to be a model, but her dad said she's too shy. But after only taking like 4 pictures (haha) I really do think she'll be good when she older, if she keeps at it. She looks really comfortable on camera. :)

And I've edited one picture from my Norcio shoot: